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Type Outsider
CR 6
Environment Any land or underground (Plane of Shadow)

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 210

Owbs are entities from the Shadow Plane with strong ties to the dark folk, who worship the owbs as their closest connection to the gods of shadows and truly believe that the first of their kind were created by the owbs.[1]


An owb resembles a floating, legless, humanoid torso draped in shadow. Its form measures three and a half feet tall and weighs 20 pounds, but owbs often float so that their head is level with that of a human. No known mortal has heard them speak, but many claim to have heard the sinister curses and threats the owbs project into their minds via telepathy.[1]


The first owbs appeared a few years after the disappearance of the Forsaken, a pantheon of evil demigods from the Shadow Plane who were responsible for the transformation of the survivors of Calignos into the first dark folk. The dark folk, being no longer capable of calling upon the Forsaken, switched their worship to the owbs. It is speculated that the owbs might be the splintered fragments of the Forsaken's consciousnesses.[2][3]


As beings of shadow, owbs hate all types of light but tolerate dim light sources, such as those created by the orbs of flickering, cold flames they can conjure. These alien creatures actively seek to destroy any who bring sources of light near to them, and can even spread their sensitivity to light to others with their touch.[1]

While the dark folk are no longer capable of calling upon the Forsaken, the owbs can; and successfully contacting a Forsaken turns an owb into an owb prophet, a conduit that can grant divine magic to clerics on their patron's behalf.[4]


The only races that interact with owbs are the dark folk and caligni, who worship them as divine intermediaries. Entire clans of dark folk might be controlled by a single owb. Consummate manipulators, owbs often run conspiracies involving inhabitants of both the Shadow Plane and the Material Plane. Owbs guide dark callers' tuning of young dark folk toward becoming one of that race's several variations, and dark folk believe the owbs' direct intervention through the dark callers determines their fates.[1][5]

The home of the owbs is the Forsaken Bastion on the Shadow Plane, a glassy stone keep with no doors or windows and darker than the rest of the plane, with some resemblance to the city of Kaer Maga.[6]

Owbs on Golarion

An owb called the Chooser has lived among the dark folk of the underground settlement of Olvoro in the Hold of Belkzen since the 43rd century AR.[7]


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