Caligni dancer

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Caligni dancer
Dark dancer1E

Caligni dancers, or dark dancers as they are termed by non-caligni, act as a messengers, actors, entertainers, and story tellers between the different clans and factions of caligni. They will spend time moving from one clan to another, spreading the history and stories.1 Their festive nature tends to be welcome by all caligni, who consider the death of a caligni dancer as an ill omen.2[citation needed]


Caligni dancers are small halfling-sized humanoids and, like other caligni, they have pallid skin, white eyes, and an emaciated appearance.1 Caligni dancers dress in the rags, similar to other caligni, but tend to have more color and decoration in their appearance.3 Caligni dancers stand roughly four feet tall and weigh as little as 60 pounds.2[citation needed]


Caligni dancers are able to fortify the minds of their allies against mental attack or illusion magic. Offensively, with a touch, a caligni dancer has the power to curse an enemy with clumsiness.1


As with all dying caligni, caligni dancers blast energy which, in their case, is a dazzling white light.1


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