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Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 38
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Golarion's solar system.

Nchak is one of the planet Liavara's five major moons.2


Nchak is roughly a quarter the size of Golarion, with a rocky crust and thin atmosphere.2


Nchak's primary food producers consist of fast-growing mosses and flying butterfly-like creatures that conduct photosynthesis. Nearly all of the hive moon's inhabitants, both intelligent and not, are arthropods. Many of them are little more than oversized vermin, most notably the ankhegs that are nearly identical to those on Golarion. Some, like the trox and philosopher worms, have evolved intelligence and a complex society in service to the Forever Queen and her mortal incarnation, and usually have to defend themselves from their bestial cousins.234


Nchak was the last destination of the spaceship Divinity before it crashed into Golarion. The crew of the already crippled spaceship managed to harvest some fungus from Nchak for later study, but this plan was thwarted by the fatal crash of the ship during the event known as the Rain of Stars in -4363 AR.5

Long ago, an incarnation of the Forever Queen selected a contingent of trox for the task of interplanetary expansion. The explorers were magically altered into a humanoid form, then divided and ensconced in the centre of shepherd moons, which were then ejected out of Liavara's orbit. One such group landed on Golarion, where they eventually forgot their ancestral home under the lash of hryngars.46


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