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The Rune of Liavara
Titles The Dreamer
Type Planet
Adjective Liavaran
Diameter x 10
Mass x 100
Gravity x 1 (at 'surface')
Atmosphere Unbreathable
Orbit 12 years
Inhabitants Liavaran dreamers
Satellites Arkanen, Hallas, Melos, Nchak, Osoro, Shepherd Moons
Images of Liavara

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 36f.
The Solar System.
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Liavara, the Dreamer, is the eighth planet in Golarion's solar system and the closest gas giant to the sun. Many colorful rings and countless moons surround this large orange-tinged planet. A few of the moons are believed to be inhabited.[1][2]

Rune representation

In scholarly works, Liavara is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle with three 'legs' underneath.[3]


Life on Liavara includes:

In the rings of Liavara, different creatures are found:[5]

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Multiple layers of gaseous atmospheres surround its dark core, each densely filled with a variety of life. However, being a gas giant, there are few places on the actual planet of Liavara that are of interest as the planet constantly changes. The rings and moons of Liavara are of greater geographical interest and also hold life within them (see Inhabitants).[5]

However, the planet is so dense with ley lines that the Brethedans known as Liavaran dreamers are lulled into a meditative trance by them. This trance is so strong that the colonists never reported back to Bretheda after arriving, and those who attempt to awaken them face the dreamers' violent fury.[4]


Liavara has five major moons:

In addition, Liavara has many other moons which as a group are called the Shepherd Moons.[7]