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A druid with a leopard as animal companion.

Leopards are large, spotted cats roughly four feet in length, with golden sides, backs and heads, and white undersides. Numerous similar creatures are found in Golarion, including some adapted for environments other than tropical forests, such as jaguars, panthers or black panthers, snow leopards, and cougars.1


Leopards are ambush predators, perching on top of high branches or rocks and waiting to pounce on prey passing beneath. They typically hunt a range of prey from small arthropods to large herbivores, although they generally favor quarry between these extremes. They usually never threaten humanoids, but those that live near settled areas have the potential to become significant threats.[citation needed]2

In religion

Leopards are the sacred animals of the Osirian goddess Maat3 and of the malebranche Barbariccia.4



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