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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 122

Malebranche1 are the least of the divinities of Hell and leaders of its infernal armies in the Universe.234


A malebranche is chosen every 5,000 years from the cornugon devils. Candidates must survive torment in Cocytus, which weeds out all but the strongest.256 The surviving candidate then undergoes a painful transformation into a unique malebranche.2

These fiends are transformed primarily to lead infernal legions in the conquest of a world of the Universe.678910 Their centre of command is Melqart Keep at the heart of Citadel Ba'al in Malebolge, where the archdevil Moloch dispatches their orders and commissions.9


Although malebranche are chosen to lead Hell's invasions, they do not always choose to achieve their victories through naked military might. Many of these devils are devious manipulators, who seek to corrupt a realm's defenders before unleashing their forces.2104

Known malebranche

Although countless malebranche have existed in the eons of Hell's existence, only twelve are known to the historians of Golarion37—one for each of the ten worlds in Golarion's solar system and, in theory, two for worlds that once had existed in it.2


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