Cult of the Eye

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Cult of the Eye

Secret religion
Worship and appease the Deluged God
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 15

The Cult of the Eye is a dark and weird religion of the Shackles that worships the Eye of Abendego, the permanent hurricane that appeared following the death of Aroden, as a new deity called the Deluged God.1


The Cult of the Eye is led by the high priest Father Chessadarde, who claims his divine visions from the Deluged God began after he sailed into the heart of the shattered continent of Azlant to the west. Its practices and doctrines are kept secret.1

According to their faith, the Eye of Abendego heralds the birth of a new deity known as the Deluged God, and once emerged, it will flood all land on Golarion. The cult performs sacrifices — of animals, and according to rumors of other beings as well — to persuade the Deluged God to leave a home for his faithful in order to prepare the world for its new life. A number of mysterious disappearances of beggars and drunks in Drenchport are blamed on the cult, which has at least seven shrines to the Deluged God in shadier parts of the city.1

The cult's congregation numbers around 100,2 including priests who spread its message from small ships that sail the Shackles. The cult expects each worshiper to make at least one pilgrimage to the Isle of Consummations in the Shackles, northwest of Tempest Cay. While the temples of Besmara and Gozreh monitor it out of suspicions about its goals, the cult have won few converts beyond Tempest Cay.1 However, it is sometimes whispered that the Master of the Gales is a member of this cult.3


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