Master of the Gales

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Master of the Gales
A caricature of the Master of the Gales.

Captain; Pirate lord
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 171

The enigmatic druid known as the Master of the Gales is a member of the Pirate Council of the Shackles. He is the ruler of the port of Drenchport and captains the xebec Kraken. He perceives piracy as a simple extension of natural predator-prey relationships, and himself as an apex predator in this environment.1


The precise origins of the Master of the Gales are not known, but most stories agree that he was born in the Sodden Lands during one of the powerful storms that characterize the region. He is rumored to have been raised among the cannibalistic Koboto of Yamasa, but as he responds furiously to mentions of the Koboto this has not been certified.1

The Master of the Gales eventually became a successful pirate captain and the ruler of Drenchport, the primary settlement on Tempest Cay. He rules with a loose hand, and spends most of his time aboard his flagship Kraken.1

At one point, the Master embarked on a lone voyage south of the Shackles. When he returned, his ship was followed by a giant squid that has remained the Master's companion since.1

The Master of the Gales won the Free Captains' Regatta five straight times,2 from 4707 AR to 4711 AR, and retired to judge the Regatta in 4712 AR.1


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