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Level 14

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 86

Dramofirs are unfathomable denizens from the Dreamlands who wander the planes harvesting dreams to add to their collections in their robes.[1]


Dramofirs appear as exceptionally tall humanoids with donkey heads, often hovering over the ground. Outside of their heads and size, a dramofir could be mistaken for a human in a vast robe with myriad patterns. A dramofir's eyes glow a soft yellow.[1]


Dramofirs are dream-weavers, plucking dreams from the sleeping and unconscious and sewing them into their collections. Though the creatures rarely have cause to engage in combat, their sewing needles are deadly, causing both mental anguish and physical pain. If their target is suffering from ill effects in its dreams, the dramofir will attempt to resolve the issue, banishing the results of a nightmare spell, stopping the curse of an animate dream, and similar maladies, before taking their due. Rarely, a dramofir will suddenly kill its target for no discernible reason.[1]


Those who recognize dramofirs largely treat them with deference in hope that the dramofir will take what they need and go as soon as possible, as the creatures are quite powerful. Occasionally, a community besieged by an animate dream will seek out a dramofir to deal with the malign creature, as there is longstanding hostility between dramofirs and animate dreams.[1]


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