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Type Outsider
(incorporeal, kami, native)
CR 4
Environment Any urban

Source: Daughters of Fury, pg(s). 54

Dunaghs are a type of kami who watch over family homes and the people who live in them.[1]


Dunaghs prefer to stay merged with their wards. In their visible forms, they take on appearances similar to incorporeal versions of those people they guard.[1]


Dunaghs are attracted by a family's or clan's intense devotion to a single structure. They usually prefer to remain anonymous, going about their business when residents are absent and occasionally tidying up the house, locking doors, or shutting open windows in winter.[1]

A dunagh whose ward family becomes extinct becomes depressed, spiteful, and fixated on the family's last residence, forcibly evicting anyone else who tries to trespass upon its ward.[1]

On Golarion

Like all kami, dunaghs are native to Tian Xia. They eventually attached themselves to caravans passing the Crown of the World, and most are now found in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.[1]