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A zuishin kami.
Type Outsider
(kami, native)
CR 10
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 165

Zuishin,[1] also known as shrine kami, are a type of kami who protect doorways and religious places.[2]


Zuishin manifest as suits of armor with the partial form of a warrior within; they wield glowing bows and halberds. They stand five feet tall and weigh 120 pounds.[2]


Zuishin can use many weapons, but prefer the bow and are capable of firing healing arrows. A zuishin views its equipment as extensions of itself, treats it with utmost care and never discards its weapons: if a weapon is lost or destroyed, a zuishin can craft a new one in a month.[2]


Zuishin respect other kami and are always willing to help them, but are only willing to aid non-kami who earned their trust, usually by honouring their ward or providing them with an offering. Of all kami, zuishin are the most devoted to the opposition of the oni.[2]


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  1. Zuishin serves as both singular and plural forms.
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