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A shikigami kami.
Type Outsider
(kami, native)
CR 2
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 163

Shikigami,[1] or garden kami,[2] are the least of the kami who protect mundane works created by humanoid civilisations.[3]


Shikigami typically stand two feet tall and weigh 30 pounds, or 50 pounds when taking their statue forms. No two shikigami look exactly alike.[3]


Shikigami are fond of watching over their wards in physical form, either invisibly or as a statue. In combat, a shikigami fights with improvised weapons, which tend to hit harder than they should.[3]

Because of the nature of their wards, shikigami are more often associated with populated areas than with wild places. Like other kami, shikigami are friendly and curious, but they are quick to abandon a polluted area and take their wards with them.[3]


Shikigami do not engage humanoids who desecrate the environment. In the wake of a shikigami's departure, authority figures who know their function are quick to adopt naturalistic policies in their community, hoping to rekindle the relationship between shikigami and people, lest the community gain the ire of stronger kami.[3]

Whenever a shikigami becomes a familiar, it treats its master as its ward.[3]


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