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Type Outsider
(kami, native)
CR 15
Environment Any land

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 164

Toshigami,[1] also known as blossom kami, are a type of kami associated with cherry trees and the passage of time.[2]


A toshigami resembles a strangely beautiful old woman composed completely of blossoms, bark, and antler-like branches. A toshigami is five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.[2]


Toshigami protect cherry trees, particularly those that grow in population centres. Often, long after a city has fallen to ruin, toshigami are all that remain to remember the lost city's glory. They rarely show themselves except to those in dire need or who are harming their trees. Their touch simulates the creeping effect of age on the flesh or the reversion to an increasingly infantile state of mind.[2]


Toshigami have a fascination with mortals, and have even been known to form romantic relationships with them.[2]


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  1. Toshigami serves as both singular and plural forms.
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