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A tsukumogami.

Tsukumogami1 are the amalgamations between a kami and an object that reached the 100-year anniversary of its crafting, which serves as the kami's ward.2


An object that becomes a tsukumogami grows additional features such as a tongue, arms, or legs.2


Tsukumogami run the gamut in personality, outlook and function. Most tsukumogami are not evil, but mischievous and scary. Benevolent tsukumogami form from well-kept and cared objects; while neglected or misused objects often form evil tsukumogami that are prone to transforming into oni. A tsukumogami is always merged with its ward, and unlike most kami, it forms an amalgam with its ward, so it can move and communicate while merged.2


The best-known types of tsukumogami are the koto-furunishi, formed from koto; the kasa-obake, formed from umbrellas; and the boroboroton, formed from tattered old sleeping mats.2

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  1. Tsukumogami is used for both singular and plural.
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