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Pathfinder Map Pack

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Pathfinder Map Pack

Paizo's Pathfinder Map Pack product line (formerly GameMastery Map Pack) consisted of packs of 8-inch by 5-inch cardstock tiles depicting locations with a 1-inch grid overlay for use with Pathfinder Battles, Pathfinder Pawns, and other standard miniatures products. Many map packs were designed to be arranged multiple ways to create dynamic environments for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and other miniatures and tabletop games, and later map packs were erasable. Map packs were also available as downloadable PDFs.

Many Pathfinder Modules and Paizo Organized Play scenarios reference Map Packs.

The Map Pack line was discontinued with the introduction of Pathfinder Flip-Tiles, a similar double-sided 6-inch by 6-inch product line, in 2018.


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