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800px-FennecFox2 CincinnatiZoo.jpg
Type Animal
CR 1/4
Environment Any
Alignment Neutral
Images of fennecs

The fennec is a type of small, semi-nocturnal fox with large ears. There are various species of fennecs found throughout Golarion.


Firefoot fennec
This fennec species has red feet. They are commonly found northern Andoran, Isger, and Darkmoon Vale where their pelts are popular in Absalom and Molthune.[1] Firefoot fennecs are considered to be good luck symbols, due to their keen hearing, and the fact that they are easily frightened. These same attributes make them difficult to hunt.[2] Firefoot fennecs are smart, and relatively easy to tame. Fennecs raised since pups are often found on ships, where the superstitious sailors often use them as a ratcatcher and mascot.[2] The firefoot fennec gets its name from its legs. Where most fennecs have black fur on their lower legs, this species has fur the orange color of flame.[3]
Brushtail fennec
This species is the same color as the sand around them. They are known for long full tails, agility, and curiosity. They live in the deserts around Katapesh, and are sold as pets in the city itself.[4]

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