Fire whale

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Fire whale
Type Magical beast
CR 16
Environment Any (Plane of Fire)

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 128
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Fire whales are a species of extraplanar cetaceans native to the Plane of Fire, but which can be found in multiple locations on the Material Plane.[1]


Fire whales are innately elemental beings: a flame of elemental fire burns in their hearts, and their skin is hot enough to boil water on contact. They are social creatures and live in large pods. They feed on rocks and minerals, which their digestive systems refine and harden into gemstones.[1]


Fire whales are native to the Plane of Fire, and can still be found living there.[2] However, their ability to freely move between the Elemental Planes and the Material Plane has allowed fire whales to spread to numerous other habitats. Fire whales on the Material Plane often inhabit the hearts of volcanoes, while others live in ocean abysses where they rely on their ability to boil away water that comes into contact with their bodies to protect themselves from the immense cold of the deep ocean.[1]


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