Frost worm

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Frost worm
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Type Magical beast
CR 12
Environment Cold mountains and plains

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 126

Frost worms are gigantic worms that exude tremendous cold and have only a single eye in the center of their heads. Adults can grow up to 35 feet in length, weighing upwards of 8,000 pounds.[1]


Frost worms are found in Golarion's colder climates,[1] and on the planet of Triaxus.[2] Frost worms are rampant across the Iceworm Hills of Icemark in the northernmost Lands of the Linnorm Kings (alongside lesser remorhazes) where they are hunted by the native Varki people.[3]

Frost worms are not restricted to Golarion, and can be found on Triaxus.[4]

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