Giantkin War

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The Giantkin War in the history of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings began in -450 AR when the giants of the lands south of the Grungir Forest (Old Cyrusian), and the Ironbound Archipelago (Old Edasseril) united under the rule of the rune giant Queen Ledamaru. The giants had been suffering for long attacks from the Ulfen warriors. Queen Ledamaru launched a brutal 4-year assault on the Linnorm Kingdoms that threw the northern land into chaos. Kalsgard endured a 3-month siege when the aging King Ulvass decided to fight back. The army of King Ulvass repelled the giants and drove them back into Old Cyrusian, slaughtering giants all the way to the city of Torandey. When the Ulfen reached the capital city, Queen Ledamaru in desperation used an ancient Thassilonian weapon which brought the entire city of Torandey down on the heads of human and giant alike, destroying King Ulvass and his army.123

The Ulfen assumed that it was the actions of their king that destroyed the city and, bolstered by the news, more Ulfen armies invaded Old Cyrusian. By -440 AR all major giant tribes had been driven out of the region, forced to find shelter in the Kodar Mountains or in the Ironbound Islands.12


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