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Realm of Pride, Old Cyrusian
Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride
Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 74

Cyrusian (pronounced si-ROO-see-un)1 was the historic Thassilonian Domain of Pride, ruled over by the runelord Xanderghul during the Age of Legend. During the time of the runelords, Cyrusian was considered the most powerful of all the domains.2 As such, it was also the de facto capital of the entire empire. It boasted great trade routes via river and road and also occupied a central location (controlling much of what is now the Kodar Mountains) that allowed it a great deal of influence over all trade within the empire.


Cyrusian boasted many more cities than any of the other Thassilonian provinces. Xin-Cyrusian itself was said to be guarded by armies of bound angels.3 Cyrusian was also renowned for its monuments which were more numerous and greater in size than anywhere else in Thassilon. These monuments were built on the back of the enslaved armies of rune giants and dragons that Xanderghul controlled via magic. The dragons were used as a sign of the might of the realm of Cyrusian, as only the truly mighty could ever hope to break the will of a dragon.2


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Little to nothing is known of the history of the Realm of Pride during the reign of the runelords. After the destruction of the kingdom during Earthfall in -5293 AR, the surviving giants that the runelords had controlled are known to have continued living in the area. Thousands of years later in -608 AR, they came into conflict with the army of Saebjorn Arm-Fang, the first and greatest of the Linnorm Kings, who sought to expand his nation to the south. The giants rebuffed his attacks, and were able to hold off any further human invaders for a long time following.4

Cyrusian today

Today, what was once Cyrusian is now part of north-central Varisia and the kingdom of Southmoor in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.56


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