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Golden Legion

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Golden Legion
Type Military
Leader General Hedrik Traxxus
Headquarters Golden Aerie, Almas, Andoran
Goals Protection of Andoran
Scope National
Structure Regimented army
Members Elite soldiers

Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 31
See also: Golden Legionnaire

The Golden Legion is one of three branches of Andoran's Eagle Knights. While the bold Steel Falcons and secretive Twilight Talons frequently operate outside of Andoran, the Golden Legion serves alongside the Andoren Army as elite units and trainers and rarely leaves the country.[1] Golden Legionnaires, who are more formally referred to as Eagle Knights of the Golden Legion,[2] wear distinctive gilded plate armor and shields.[3]


The Golden Legion exists to watch the borders of Andoran and secure its domestic trade routes. This latter task often takes it into the nation's wilder areas, where it keeps a close eye on monstrous threats and banditry.


The Golden Legion is led by General Hedrik Traxxus, who previously commanded a regiment of Eagle Knights in Carpenden.[4][5]

One of the most famous regiments in the Golden Legion is the Diamond Regiment, which operates under Commander Ingrid Odeber in Darkmoon Vale. It is widely rumored that Odeber is being groomed to eventually take General Traxxus' place.[5]