Golden Aerie

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The Golden Aerie is the headquarters of the Eagle Knights of Andoran, and is located at the center of the Field of Concord in the Liberty District of the capital city of Almas.12


The Aerie, officially known as the Guardian Tower of the Golden Aerie, is a massive column-shaped fortress, said to have once been part of a much larger, ancient ruin that was brought to Almas stone by stone from abroad. In the mid 46th century AR, all of the pieces were reassembled into a massive seven-story column, which was crowned with a 15-foot tall golden statue of Talmandor, the patron empyreal lord of Andoran. The original location of the column, and how it was discovered, remain a mystery, but most-likely it has something to do with the legendary avoral agathion. The original ruin is also rumored to have been connected to an ancient center of agathion influence.34

Eagle Knights

The Golden Aerie is both the physical and spiritual home of the Eagle Knights, and houses several thousands of its best members from all three branches. They are commanded by General Reginald Cormoth, who also serves as a Consul in the People's Council. Cormoth lives within the Golden Aerie, claiming its Guardian Tower as his residence.15


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