Great Bazaar (City of Brass)

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Referred to as the Suq al-Azzmir Marketplace by efreet, the Great Bazaar, or Grand Bazaar, in the Plane of Fire's City of Brass is one of the largest trading hubs in the Great Beyond, so large it classes as one of the districts of the Inner Ward of the city. One can find almost any good imaginable here, from the mundane, like metals and spices, to the magical. The principal stock of this great market, however, is the slave trade that flourishes here. Gold is not the main currency that exchanges hands, that being instead magic that the efreet covet. The only items that are rare to see are anything related to water, which is strictly regulated, and items that could be used in the binding of genies. This district is among the most diverse of the whole city, consisting of many fire-immune creatures like efreet, azers, salamanders, and fire elementals.1


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