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The Grand Vizier Abdul-Qawi.

Grand Vizier of Medina Mudii'a
Source: The Impossible Eye, pg(s). 55

While the grand vizier of Medina Mudii'a was in theory only an advisor to Grand Sultan Hakim Khalid Suleiman XXIII, and latterly is to Grand Sultana Ayasellah Mihelar Khalidlah II, in reality the ifrit1 Grand Vizier Abdul-Qawi was and is the city's co-ruler. Officially, the position of grand vizier is subservient to the sultan or sultana, but in truth, both are equal in popularity and raw power.2

Abdul-Qawi is a more subtle ruler, for he is a patient manipulator, more prone to cloak-and-dagger political games than the outright displays of power that the sultan favored. Abdul-Qawi is said to control a planes-wide network of spies that assist him. He is also an incredibly powerful wizard, one who is supposedly well-versed in the taboo arts of genie binding. While once the grand vizier sought to overthrow the sultan, centuries of covert warfare have gained neither any ground and instead instilled each with a healthy respect for their opponent. Under the sultan, neither was interested in upsetting this delicate balance of power as it benefited them both.2

Abdul-Qawi makes his impressive home in the Vizier's Palace in Medina Mudii'a Mages' Quarter when he is not attending to matters at the Sultana's Palace.3


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