Ayasellah Mihelar Khalidlah II

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Ayasellah Mihelar Khalidlah II
Aliases Lady of Flame
Khan of Magma
Titles Grand Sultana of the City of Brass
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Efreeti
Class Fighter 17
Gender Female
Homeland City of Brass, Dominion of Flame, Plane of Fire

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 38

Ayasellah Mihelar Khalidlah II is the current grand sultana and military leader of the City of Brass, and jointly rules the city with Grand Vizier Abdul-Qawi. The two maintain an easy détente, but are locked in a secret political struggle behind the scenes. Ayasellah claims that her predecessor Hakim Khalid Suleiman XXIII was assassinated by Abdul-Qawi and offers a huge bounty for those who could bring her proof, although most people believe that she herself killed him in a military coup.[1]