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(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
Any (Maelstrom)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 209

Hegessiks are the itinerant clergy of the proteans. They serve as intermediaries between keketar cabals, agents of the protean lords and representatives dealing with the Speakers of the Depths.1


The hegessik shares the serpentine profile with other proteans. They have four arms, two large and powerful, two shaped for fine manipulation or ceremonial gestures. A hegessik's head sports a brilliant crest of shimmering, metallic plumage that runs down its spine, transitioning into a line of glowing gemstones at the mid-back all the way to the tip of the tail. The types of gemstones change according to the hegessik's mood. A hegessik also possesses a third eye in the middle of its forehead, which always sheds a puissant glow even when closed. A uniquely personal symbol is visible within the depths of the pupil.1

The average hegessik is 14 feet long and weighs 1400 pounds.2


Hegessiks describe themselves as having been chosen and transfigured into hegessiks by the Maelstrom itself. Scholars suggest that they originated as exalted imenteshes called by the Speakers of the Depths to serve as intermediaries between keketar cabals. When asked, hegessiks weave a tale, each of which is unique and devoid of concern for internal continuity or historical accuracy. Any information must be indirectly inferred from these parables of bizarre, obscure metaphors.1

Hegessiks play a key role in the transition of mortal souls to proteans. Certain souls judged fit for the Maelstrom by Pharasma do not follow imenteshes through portals there; they, with the desire to embrace the freedom of the Maelstrom, instead seek out the hegessik cabal called the Bleached Shepherds, who transform them into proteans in the Boneyard.1

Hegessiks move and mediate between keketar choruses, temporarily harmonising the mutually exclusive philosophies espoused by each chorus. In their wandering, hegessiks gravitate toward proteans desiring to advance beyond their current nature and into other castes, and help them slough off their old form and nature.1

Hegessiks rarely leave the Maelstrom. Their presence in its borderlands portends a truly massive protean incursion into the more stable planes. Any attempts to summon a hegessik invariably requires knowledge of the individual's unique symbol, which is visible only when the hegessik's third eye is open.1


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