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An Imentesh.

(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 214

Imenteshes (pronounced IH-mehn-tehsh)1 are the missionary caste of the protean race. They are known to be artistic, subtle, and manipulative, advancing the will of the Maelstrom through guile. Imenteshes are intensely curious and quite obsessive when it comes to satisfying their own whims.

Within the Maelstrom they are artistic beings who delight in the act of creation, continually altering the very landscape to suit their tastes. Often they band together in groups to wreak monumental changes in the flesh of the Maelstrom.

Outside the Maelstrom they can be found satisfying their curiosity or using subtle manipulation to spread chaos and further the goals of the proteans. They are often accompanied by naunet proteans who act as their bodyguards.2

Like other proteans, imenteshes appear as a reptilian beings with arms and a snake-like torsos, ranging 10-15 feet in length. They are constantly surrounded by a susurrus of strange telepathic whispers which can confuse the weak-minded. An imentesh can speak any language. In addition to physical attacks, an imentesh can release a warpwave which can transform the body of its opponent in strange ways.3

Known imenteshes

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Some imenteshes prefer to keep their true identities secret and are known only by pseudonyms:10


Paizo published an article on proteans, including imenteshes, in The End of Eternity.

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