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The naunets (pronounced now-NEHTS)1 are the warrior caste of the protean race. They are the most common and populous type of protean, and they embody the rage that the proteans feel for every plane of existence except for the Maelstrom.2 They are often to be found patrolling near the borders of the Maelstrom ready to fight against invaders from Heaven, Hell, or Axis, or preparing to infiltrate into one of those planes. These proteans are very aggressive and prone to attacking those from other planes on sight. Being in an ordered plane drives them into a particular fury.3


Naunets appear as a reptilian beings with large, curling horns, muscle-bound arms that end in wicked claws, and the lower bodies of a snake. They also have two tentacles sprouting from their shoulders that end in snapping jaws.4


The bites of the naunets' tentacles cause confusion in non-chaotic creatures. They have a variety of physical attacks, and three or more naunets working together can create clouds of roiling chaos.24


Naunets are the lowest of the true proteans, and serve their species and the Maelstrom as soldiers, warriors and shock troops against the forces of law. As such, most naunets inhabit the borderlands where the Maelstrom borders the other planes, intent on unmaking the fabric of reality itself and reabsorbing it into the unformed chaos of their realm.4


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