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(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
Any (Maelstrom)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 208

Azuretzis, also called mockery wyrms, are one of the smallest types of true proteans. They personify the whimsical side of the Maelstrom's profound antipathy against order.1


In its true form, an azuretzi is a sinuous serpentine creature covered in brilliant blue scales mottled with purple blotches that shift to form the shapes of laughing faces.1


Azuretzis are masterful shapeshifters capable of perfectly mimicking the form of another creature they have studied and registered into their memory, or twisting and exaggerating features to make a caricature of the target. The azuretzi can stay in a mimicked form indefinitely, but can only keep a limited number of icons in its memory at the same time.1


Azuretzis are either formed spontaneously from the raw chaos of the Maelstrom, bred by other azuretzis, or transformed from shades that have been judged by Pharasma and delivered to the Maelstrom. Higher breeds of proteans are either reluctant to share or unaware of any deeper secrets of azuretzi births. Given their exuberance and small size, many outsiders think of azuretzis as juvenile proteans, and many of them eventually settle into the form of larger proteans. It is unclear if this is a permanent transformation or simply a long game of acting, though it is likely that both scenarios take place.1

Within the Maelstrom, azuretzis define themselves by whom and what they chose to copy. Groups of azuretzis often follow bigger proteans like younger siblings, serving their whims. The Maelstrom's borderlands have the biggest concentration of azuretzis. On other Outer Planes, they swarm portals and gates to the Maelstrom, and flock to chaotic cities where they form gangs of pranksters and thieves.1

Azuretzis form mock choruses, adopting the shapes and playing the roles of other proteans in their reverence. However, their short attention span and irrepressible sense of humour always cause these choruses to descend into nonsensical debates and giggles.1

Outside of the Maelstrom, azuretzis, discomforted by stagnancy, grow increasingly more erratic and mischievous. Few outsiders appreciate their games of play-acting, and sour reactions can drive azuretzis to destroy relationships with cruel pranks.1

Left to their own devices, azuretzis cause only minor mayhem. When directed by a higher chorus, azuretzis infiltrate, sabotage and sow misdirection and discord. They delight in being summoned by chaotic spellcasters, and vexing others.1


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