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(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
Any (Maelstrom)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 210-211

Izfiitars are the highest caste of proteans.1


The izfiitar is a six-armed serpentine monster crowned by a halo of ever-changing symbols. Izfiitars are smaller in size than the next-highest protean caste, keketars.1


Izfiitars have monstrous physical attacks and stupendous magical powers. They wield a more powerful version of lesser proteans' warpwave, as well as abilities that bend reality and alter probability.1


Izfiitars loom above keketars who pay them obeisance, cardinals among the clergy. Aloof and distant even by keketar standards, izfiitars rarely leave the deepest Maelstrom, content to divine the will of the Speakers of the Depths.1

It is speculated that izfiitars are essentially keketars chosen for reasons unknown and elevated either by the Maelstrom itself or by a protean lord. Like keketars, izfiitars are bound to choruses; not every chorus contains an izfiitar, and the size and influence of any given chorus is entirely independent of the number of izfiitars present.1

Heralds of the Speakers

Heralds of the Speakers are izfiitars that wield greater power and authority than their kin and take a more direct hand in guiding the choruses than the distant protean lords.1


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