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Level 0

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 92–93

Iotons are the simplest variety of ennosite, thought-born creatures native to the Astral Plane. Iotons are created when stray thoughts collide, creating a mass of quasi-intelligence.[1]


Iotons have neither the willpower nor the intelligence to form physical bodies, and instead resemble cloudy balls of shifting symbols and images.[1]


Iotons congregate near thinking creatures, instinctively attempting to leech their thoughts. Iotons immediately begin siphoning thoughts from those they are able to make physical contact with, growing in power and intelligence with each moment. This is not a pleasant process for the donor being, causing quite a blistering headache. As the iotons gain mental prowess, they will sometimes realize that their actions are wrong or damaging, return the thoughts, and immediately lose the intelligence necessary to have that morality, leading to a painful cycle for the unhappy creature that the ioton has found.[1]

Once an ioton has absorbed enough thoughts, the creature grows into another kind of ennosite.[1]


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