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A caulborn thoughtkeeper.

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 92

Ennosites are a group of strange and alien creatures birthed from the collation of thoughts and native to the Astral Plane.1

Known ennosites

The following are the types of ennosite known to exist:1

  • Adachros, formed from the quintessence of a failed demiplane, are simultaneously immensely brilliant and completely uninterested in anyone else's perspective
  • Caulborns, formed when an ioton absorbs particularly profound thoughts, feed harmlessly on the memories of others to grow their own eternal bank of knowledge
  • Iotons, formed when stray thoughts collide, are the simplest and weakest of ennosites, and once they accumulate enough mental energy they will transform into another type of ennosite
  • Shulsagas, the Shepherds of the Silver Sea, patrol the Astral Plane closing planar rifts and exiling trespassers to ensure the balance and neutrality of the plane


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