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Source: Shadows at Sundown, pg(s). 56

Loreavors are created directly from the lowly ioton ennosite through a process wherein the ioton chokes to death on a particularly secretive thought that the ennosite itself generated.1


Loreavors resemble three-foot-long plae gray worms or segmented snakes covered in facsimiles of faces.1


Consumers of secrets, loreavors seek out troves of hidden knowledge to consume. This process wipes the source of the information clean, whether physical or mental in nature, meaning that loreavors are not taken to kindly by those whose information they seek. While magical materials are safe from a loreavor's hunger, individual thoughts and mundane writings are not. Each can survive for years if trapped in a location lacking any secrets.1

Each loreavor created is capable of travelling outside of the Astral Plane exactly once, after which point the creature will generally spend the rest of its existence exploring its new home, looking for forgotten ruins and abandoned libraries.1


Loreavors are intelligent and sentient beings capable of flight. They can sense thoughts, search and manipulate memories, and heal their wounds by consuming the uniqueness and extraordinary aspects of mundane writings and artworks. If a spellcaster attempts and fails to cast a spell nearby, a loreavor can instinctively reconstruct it and cast it themselves.1


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