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Languages Elven

Mierani was the name of an elven forest nation founded just north of the Rasp hills of what would one day become the Lost Coast of Varisia.[1] Established by a splinter faction of elves who had come from Sovyrian to settle Kyonin during the Age of Serpents, over the years the influence of the Mierani would elevate the indigenous human Varisians and Shoanti from savagery before allowing them to forge their own destinies.[2]

During the Age of Legend, Mierani proudly resisted the expansion of Thassilon and her successor nations, before being destroyed in the Starfall by the impact of a stray falling star. While many of Mierani's elves escaped through the Sovyrian Stone, others decided to flee underground via the Caves of the Craven, and eventually became some of the first drow.[2][3]


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