Kaimuko Wood

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The Kaimuko Wood is a large forest that dominates much of the land area of the country of Tianjing.1 The Kaimuko Wood harbours numerous small aasimar villages throughout its depth and it was to this woodland that many of Tianjing's inhabitant retreated during the destructions that followed the fall of Imperial Lung Wa. While it may once have provided sanctuary to frightened citizens, nowadays some of the deepest reaches of the Kaimuko Wood are home to the worst abyssal rifts that afflict Tianjing. Through these rifts come the qlippoths, an ancient evil older than the Great Beyond itself. Now patrols of aasimars clash with these hateful abominations in the depth of Kaimuko Wood, the qlippoth seem to be growing in strength and many fear that these skirmishes are but a prelude to a full scale invasion.2