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A Khopeshman of Sothis equipped with a khopesh on his belt.

A khopesh is a heavy blade with a bulging, battleaxe-like crescent curve designed to penetrate defenses and trip up enemies. Most are 20 to 24 inches long. Khopeshes are often ornately decorated to accentuate their elegant form.[1][2][3]

On Golarion

A Risen Guard wields a khopesh.

Khopeshes are popular in Osirion. Magical flaming khopeshes known as risen blades are wielded by the nation's Risen Guard,[4] and the leader of the Risen Guard and Eyes of Sothis is known as the Khopeshman of Sothis.[5][6][7] The Khopesh Span, a stone bridge crossing the Crook River west of An, takes its name from the blade.[8]


Known magical khopeshes


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