Khopeshman of Sothis

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Khopeshman of Sothis
Khopeshman of Sothis

First Captain of the Risen Guard;
Commander of the Eyes of Sothis;
First Captain of the Forthbringer
Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 32

The Khopeshman of Sothis is the name and title of the leader of both the city watch of Osirion's capital, Sothis—the Eyes of Sothis—as well as the Risen Guard, the latter is an elite unit tasked with protecting the Ruby Prince.1234 While his title is borrowed from the guards' signature khopesh blade, insiders also refer to him as the First Captain of the Forthbringer because of the exceptional fondness the Ruby Prince feels towards him. The Khopeshman of Sothis has died three times defending the Ruby Prince from assassination.5

In addition to being a combatant, the Khopeshman of Sothis is also known for his skills as an administrator and for his political acumen, with knowledge of not just Osirion, but of its neighbors as well.5

It is common for members of the Risen Guard to forsake their names after being revived and inducted into the Risen Guard. It is speculated that this is why the Khopeshman of Sothis does not otherwise bear a more personal name. There is a great deal of speculation as to just whom the Khopeshman was in his former life, before he became Sothis' most important guardsman.5


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