4604 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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4604 AR in politics

  • The Chelish nobleman Quaid Robilad disappears during a visit to Katapesh's Nightstalls. Even though his wife offers a hefty reward for information about his whereabouts, Robilad is never heard from again. The incident nearly starts a war between the two countries.1

4604 AR in environment

  • The Torch subsides after almost two years of scorching the Numerian hilltop from which it ignited. Except for a few surges a year, the flame settles down into a bonfire with unusual properties that eventually leads to the foundation of a smithing village around it, called Torch.23 That fire stays continuously lit without fuel for more than a century until it mysteriously extinguishes in 4714 AR.45

Deaths in 4604 AR


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