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Traits Amphibious
Level 8
Adjective Krooth

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 215

Krooths, also known as crocodile eaters, are reptilian predators native to wetlands.[1]


Krooths are aggressive predators and will hunt anything with flesh, including the crocodiles that give them their name, but favor dinosaurs, boggards, and lizardfolks above other prey. Krooths possess poisonous, hollow teeth, which break off when they bite prey and remain embedded in their flesh. This causes the krooth's target to quickly bleed out, as the hollow teeth channel their blood out of their bodies.[1]

Krooths find the taste of goblinoid flesh repulsive, especially that of bugbears, and never eat them. While krooths will kill goblinoids, especially in defense of their young, they will only use their tails and claws to do so and carefully clean themselves afterwards.

Krooth males and females live apart from one another; males hunt alone, while females live in large groups and hunt and raise their young communally. Krooth females mate every four or five years, at which point a group of females will seek out a male. When they find one, they will mate with him in a mass frenzy and afterwards tear him to pieces and consume his nutrient-rich flesh, focusing on his organs as they contain chemical compounds necessary for gestation.[1]

In magic

The chemical compounds within the internal organs of male krooths, especially their livers, pancreases, and kidneys, are of great value in the creation of transmutation potions. As a result, many alchemists will pay considerable sums for preserved krooth organs.[1]


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