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Liavaran dreamer

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Liavaran dreamer
Liavaran dreamer
Type Aberration
CR 8
Environment Any sky
Images of Liavaran dreamers

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 31
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A Liavaran dreamer, or simply dreamer, is a feral descendant of Brethedan colonists on the gas giant planet Liavara, the eighth planet in Golarion's solar system.[1] "Dreamer" is derived from a rough translation of the Brethedan term for them.[2]


A dreamer is a tentacled, amorphous, jellyfish-like floating creature with a yellow body.[1]


Dreamers draw their name from the trance-like state they inhabit while feeding from ley lines. Others who attempt telepathic communication are also lulled into a similar reverie. When awakened from this state, dreamers become fiercely violent for about a minute's time before tiring out.[1]


Dreamers are attuned to ley lines, and Liavara is dense with them. Their more conscious Brethedan cousins respectfully leave them to feed on Liavara,[1] and some scholars believe Brethedans view Liavaran dreamers as more enlightened.[2]


Liavaran dreamers are more solitary and less responsive, active, or technologically adept as their Brethedan counterparts.[3] However, they do serve as stewards of Liavara's wildlife.