Gyr of House Gixx

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Lord Gyr of House Gixx
Lord Gyr of House Gixx.

Primarch of Absalom (46604717 AR)
Protector of Kortos
First Spell Lord
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 57

Lord Gyr of House Gixx had been Primarch of Absalom since 4660 AR1 and also held the titles and responsibilities of Protector of Kortos and First Spell Lord.23

Since 4717 AR, he has been mysteriously absent, and his authority has been transferred to Wynsal Starborn as Acting Primarch.45


Lord Gyr spent his earlier decades as a wandering adventurer. He returned to his home city in 4660 AR, gained a high seat on the Grand Council, and used his own troops to quell the rioting in the city. Proving himself politically capable, he brokered deals with the warring parties and the disputes mostly settled. Within only six months of his arrival in Absalom, he was elected Primarch.1

While politically capable in his own right, Lord Gyr's rise to power was also aided by the plotting of his childhood friend and later bitter rival, Scion Lord Avid of House Arnsen. Upon gaining control over Absalom, Gyr installed Avid as Teriarch of Diobel but Lord Avid viewed the posting as exile rather than a reward.67

During the Fiendflesh Siege, Lord Gyr mysteriously vanished.8 Divination magic reveals nothing about his fate, other than that he still lives.9


Due to many visits in his youth, Lord Gyr has a personal fondness for Cassomir, and occasionally loans out his "summer manor" there to allies or invites a captain hailing from the port to dinner.10 He also maintains a private room in Knight Country in Azlanti Keep, free from the hubbub of diplomacy.11


Lord Gyr is also responsible for the punitive tariff on goods from Oregent, besides glassware and silverware.12


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