Brythen Blood

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Brythen Blood
Aliases Painted Man
Titles High Curator of the College of Mysteries
Grand Councilman
retired Second Spell Lord
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Sorcerer 16
Gender Male
Homeland Petal District, Absalom
Organization Grand Council, College of Mysteries

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 39

Brythen Blood is the current High Curator of the College of Mysteries in the city of Absalom, and also holds the District Seat on the Grand Council. He is also known as the Painted Man, as he is almost completely covered in irezoko, the tattoos given to those excelling within the College. Unlike most of the most powerful men in Absalom, he is an outsider and belongs to none of the great houses or noble bloodlines. He also has no interest in the city's various political machinations, but is frequently courted by others due to his influence and power. It is said that he is aligned with Lord Aven of Diobel, but this has yet to be proven.[1]


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