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A model of a moon beast.
Type Aberration
CR 11
Environment Any
Images of moon-beasts

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 195

Moon-beasts are a race of aberrations that do not hail from any physical moon, but from the Moon of the Dimension of Dreams; they worship the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones.[1]


The moon-beast is a frog-like creature with clawed hands, no eyes, a wide mouth, and a snout ending in pink tentacles. It is nine feet long and weighs 800 pounds.[1]


Moon-beasts can see despite their lack of eyes and communicate via telepathy. Consummate slavers, moon-beasts use their supernatural abilities to curb rebellion or gain minions, but prefer regimens of torment and reconditioning to break their captives.[1]


Moon-beasts build their stone cities upon the oily shores of the black seas on the dark side of the titular moon from where they hail. From there, they launch long, dark galleys crewed by almost-human slaves from Leng to seek new slaves and stranger wares. Moon-beasts see all other races as slaves, and often travel to the Material Plane for strange and frightening reasons, notably gathering suitable sacrifices for the eldritch deities of the Dark Tapestry whom they worship.[1][2]


Original source: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1927), H.P. Lovecraft

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