Mugura and Nrithu

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Mugura and Nrithu

Divine Dancers
Areas of Concern
Practice until perfect, create stories and relationships, trust and listen to your partner
Steal credit from others, upstage or sabotage, spread rumors to get ahead
Domains (2E)
Ambition, freedom, passion, repose
Favored Weapon
Entwined gold and red scarves, drawn tense
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 36

Mugura and Nrithu (pronounced moo-goora and nhrit-too),1 the Divine Dancers, are lovers turned rivals turned joint divine entity by the Teller god Likha.2


As mortals, Mugura was the child of a raja and Nrithu was of the streets; Mugura was rambunctious, Nrithu shy. Both shared a passion for dance and grew close through it, eventually joining as travelling dancers who performed across Tian Xia. Their growing devotion to both storytelling and each other drew the attention of Likha, who granted them both a divine spark that allowed them to perform for eternity.2

However, immortality and worship soon drove a wedge between them. Inextricably linked but driven apart by their worshipers' competing desires and their own bickering over their domains, their love was soon overcome by rivalry and sabotage.2


A depiction of Mugura and Nrithu.

Depictions of Mugura and Nrithu vary in gender and form but always depict them in mirroring stances and decked in bells, powder, and vibrant cloth of mirrored tones. They wield gajjelu that eternally ring out in clashing contact.2


Worshipers of the Divine Dancers are typically pairs of dancers seeking their blessings and dedicating their performances to them. Gajjelu dancers have their instruments blessed by Mugura and Nrithu before their first recitals. Temples to the Divine Dancers always welcome and empower those who feel they lack or have lost their voice.2

Children often depict the pair in gleeful games, while adults compare bickering pairs to the couple and associate times where they are forced to work with those they hate with the emotions between the pair.2


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