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Lord of the Seasons
White Tiger
Bridge rifts between allies, embrace change, consider all sides of a disagreement before passing judgment
Allow bias to guide your judgment, reject change in favor of stagnation, sow discord between allies, take more than you give
Domains (2E)
Change, healing, nature, truth
Alternate: duty, might
Favored Weapon
Snow-tipped fruiting persimmon branch
Sacred Animal
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 24

Baekho (pronounced beck-hoe),1 the Lord of the Seasons, is a deity of seasonal change and the time between seasons, and is commonly worshiped in Tian Xia. He protects the periods of change, growth, and progress between seasons and the balance between them, opposes stagnation, and values the ability to hold contrasting values in pursuit of harmony.2


Before becoming a deity, Baekho was a mortal tiger who roamed and protected Tian Xia's forests. After being seriously injured he rested under the shelter of a persimmon tree and watched the changing of the seasons, which inspired in him a divine understanding of the nature of the world. He awoke a deity with a human-like form.2

Appearance and disciples

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As a mortal, Baekho was a black-striped tiger with orange fur. As a deity, he is depicted as a white-haired human man with blue tiger's eyes and black-tipped white tiger ears, and in feline form as having blindingly white fur.2

Baekho selected nine disciples, each representing his two eyes, two ears, four claws, and heart. His eyes observe good, evil, and the balance between them; his ears discern falsehoods from truth; his claws fight alongside him; and his heart heals broken bonds.2


Baekho's faithful see the potential in all creatures for both good and evil, and apply their empathic natures as negotiators who seek agreement and the amicable closing of interpersonal rifts.2

Many of Baekho's faithful focus their devotion on one of his disciples, and the practices of his faith are highly individual as the White Tiger elevates intent over precision in rituals observed in his name.2


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