Srikalis, Sritaming, and Sribaril

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Srikalis, Sritaming, and Sribaril

Dewangayaw (Raiding God)
Triad War Gods
Three-headed God of Raiding and War
Areas of Concern
War contracts
Die in battle, revel in protective violence, support what is yours
Lay waste to nature, kill indiscriminately without reason or conviction, choose not to raid when it is needed
Domains (2E)
Ambition, passion, perfection, zeal
Alternate: Duty, freedom, pain
Favored Weapon
War barge with flaming sail
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 41

Srikalis, Sritaming, and Sribaril (pronounced sree-kah-lees, sree-tah-meeng, and sree-bah-reel; phonetically /s(ə)ri/ / ̇kalis/, /s(ə)ri/ / ̇tamiŋ/ and /s(ə)ri/ /baˈɾil/),1 also known as the Dewangayaw, Raiding God, Triad War Gods, or the Triad, are a deity of conflict, mercenaries, and divinely warranted violence.2


The Triad are believed to be the ancestors of all Tian peoples and the first warriors to roam the continent of Tian Xia. They are credited with the invention of the war barge, which they used to traverse Golarion, and at the end of this journey concluded that war itself was unnecessary, but violence was inevitable. To the War Gods, the nature of change is inherently violent, and those who seek Heaven must use violence to reach it.2


Srikalis, Sritaming, and Sribaril never respond to their worshipers but appear at random to raid those who they deem deserve it. These assaults, known as god raids, are heralded by sudden thunderstorms and feared across Tian Xia. In artwork, they are depicted as a six-armed humanoid with the heads of a primate, human, and feline, each head flaming or smoking and each hand bearing a different weapon. In years recent to 7224 IC these appearances have increasingly occurred on behalf of those who resist imperialism or oppression.2


The Triad's faithful practice a philosophy known as Jamalawas, or the Diamond Body, in which practitioners perfect their flesh, mind, and spirit toward becoming better contributors to their communities. Jamalawas is practiced through martial arts and weaponcrafts, and their faith does not feature monks or monasteries, but rather ships that also serve as sacred shrines.2

The War God attracts mercenaries, pirates, raiders, and warriors alike to their faith, all of whom view the Dewangayaw as an outlet for their desires for violence.2


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