Phi Deva

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Phi Deva

Thousand-Souled Chorus
Areas of Concern
The defenseless
The collective good
Protect the defenseless, assist those who ask for your help, put the collective above yourself
Harm the innocent, take more than you need, overturn a collective decision
Domains (2E)
Family, healing, protection, repose
Alternate: Freedom, nature
Favored Weapon
Two birds
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 38

Phi Deva (pronounced pee dev-ah),1 the Thousand-Souled Chorus, is a divine entity composed of the collective souls of those who died while defenseless and seek to prevent others from suffering the same fate.2

Appearance and nature

Unlike many other deities, Phi Deva is neither an ascended mortal nor a divinely powerful immortal being. They are instead the formless combination of uncounted souls of those who suffered deaths while defenseless. Their appearance an depictions thus vary widely, from the form of a specific dead person to flocks of birds, humanoid forms of shadow or flocks of birds.2


Phi Deva's worshipers are mostly common folk but can include anyone who seeks the Thousand-Souled Chorus' protection. While a protector of others, Phi Deva is not a pacifist entity but a forceful one. Their followers worship primarily through intricately layered songs designed to comfort or rally allies or terrify foes, which are often sung, performed, or danced along with during desperate conflicts or against invasions by imperial armies. Worship is likewise communal in nature and often includes preparing and enjoying meals or mutually aiding someone in a community.2


Worshipers celebrate the Festival of Filled Baskets during the night of the summer solstice.2


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