Lady of the North Star

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Lady of the North Star

Mother of Secrets
Areas of Concern
Seek lost knowledge, uncover hidden mysteries, honor that which is forgotten, pursue immortality
Destroy sources of knowledge, make public that which should remain secret, desecrate a memorial, grow complacent about one's ignorance and mortality, commit torture or murder, knowingly harm an innocent
Domains (2E)
Cold, darkness, secrecy, vigil
Alternate: Change, star
Favored Weapon
Jade statuette over a black pool
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 34
This article covers the deity worshiped in Tian Xia. For the core deity also known as the Lady of the North Star, see Desna.

The Lady of the North Star, Mother of Secrets, is a deity of secrecy and the pursuit of immortality worshiped, and in some ways actively pursued, across Tian Xia.1


The deity known as the Lady of the North Star once disguised herself as a mortal human, and in her life among the mortals of Golarion was so moved by the pains of illness, decline, loss, and grief that she created forbidden rituals to grant immortality to sufficiently skilled mortals. The ritual has nine staged scattered across the continent of Tian Xia, the knowledge of which has been largely erased or lost to time, and those who complete it are said to join the Lady in her court of immortals far beyond the northern stars. In this court time itself is said to be frozen by the unfathomably cold depths in which her most faithful are kept immortal for eternity.1

The true name of the Lady of the North Star is lost to obscurity, whether intentionally or not, and anything that suggests her true name is destroyed or obscured by the faithful of Pharasma. She is instead referred to by her many nicknames among the few surviving cults of her faithful, most of which are closed to outsiders and opened only through cryptic and difficult initiation rituals.1


Pharasmins destroy all signs and details of the Lady of the North Star that they can find.1


The Lady of the North Star is said to appear in dreams and visions to those near death, including people suffering from incurable curses, diseases, and other ailments. In these visions she directs the dying person to seek her lost trials of immortality before they pass away.1


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