Jin Li

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Jin Li

The Golden Dragon Carp
Areas of Concern
Challenges, dares, promotions, self-improvement
Farmers from Quain, Lingshen, and Po Li; bureaucrats
Take up dares and challenges in good faith, persist with creativity and tenacity, own up to your failures in pursuit of self-improvement
Give up without trying, dismiss or mock someone's effort, take success for granted, discount the power of beginner's luck or luck in general
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Ambition, change, might, toil
Alternate: Water, luck
Favored Weapon
Golden dragon carp ascending a waterfall
Source: Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 30

Jin Li (Jīn Lĭ; pronounced jin lee)1 is a Tien god of hard work and daring. His indomitable spirit means that he will strive to face and overcome any challenge and encourages his worshippers to do the same.2 He is primarily Worshiped in Quain, Lingshen, and Po Li, but has also begun to spread in the Inner Sea region amongst the Firebrands.3


True to his name, Jin Li is depicted as a majestic golden carp with the face and arms of a dragon.3


Jin Li was a mortal carp who achieved divinity by working every day of his life to successfully leap a waterfall.2


Jin Li teaches perpetual self-improvement through tenacious hard work, and is also a deity of luck. Competitions and challenges in Tian Xia often invoke Jin Li to ensure sportsmanship among competitors, and his golden carp religious symbol is tightly associated with mutual support toward improvement.2

Worshipers and clergy

Jin Li's followers view the god as a companion on their own lifelong personal paths toward self-improvement, whether through study, artistry, invention, or adventuring.2

In addition to competitors, Jin Li is also worshiped by bureaucrats, who competitively tend to large ponds of carp that they breed and care for to become the largest, healthiest, and most attractive carp in hopes of drawing Jin Li's favor.2


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