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Type Aberration
CR 8
Environment Any
Adjective Neh-thalggu
Images of neh-thalggus

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 197

Neh-thalggus, commonly called brain collectors, are an alien race engineered to serve as scouts by the Dominion of the Black, a malevolent coalition of aliens from outside Golarion's solar system.[1][2]


A neh-thalggu is shaped like a crab with faceted eyes and a mouth like a lamprey and can grow as large as a horse.[3]


A neh-thalggu collects the brains of humanoid creatures it kills, storing them in reddish blisters on its back. Although they are carnivorous, neh-thalggus do not eat brains, preferring to collect them to increase their intellect. These collected brains increase cognitive and magical abilities. After having collected enough brains and absorbed a critical mass of thoughts and memories from them, a neh-thalggu undergoes a metamorphosis into a yah-thelgaad.[4][5]


On planets, neh-thalggus take over caves or abandoned buildings and line them with a network of flesh, allowing them to control devices from anywhere within the lair.


Neh-thalggus have comparable technology to other starfaring races, but theirs differs by being primarily organic and using little metal. Sometimes, components for their technology are whole bioengineered creatures, but more often than not they come from creatures that are bred simply to be butchered for their organs. For this reason, neh-thalggu technology often retains the semblance of life, throbbing with biological sounds, reacting when used properly or not, and being healed by positive energy.[2]

The few manually controlled neh-thalggu devices are done so by poking and massaging certain pressure points. More often, they directly attach to the user's nervous system through the skin, allowing them to draw power from the user, who can control them as easily as if they were part of their body.[2]

Neh-thalggu spaceships are living, tentacled creatures supported by a skeleton made out of both metallic and organic bones whose living processes produce fuel and serve as life support. Within each ship is a self-contained ecosystem that provides food and experimental material. When neh-thalggus need to land on a planet, their ship produces drop pods via budding, which decompose once they are on the surface.[2]

While neh-thalggus rarely need equipment for themselves due to their natural weapons and magic, they still produce it for their minions. Although made out of flesh and bone, these items are functionally similar to more conventional counterparts.[2]

On other worlds

Neh-thalggus can be found on any of the worlds of the solar system populated by humanoids.[6]